Aiken Newcomers Events


Our luncheon meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month. Doors open at 9:30 AM. Meeting begins at 10:15



ANC Luncheons

The May luncheon will be May 14th.  The entree will be Baked Chicken Pesto, Couscous Pilaf. Dessert will be Peach Cobbler.  Cost of the luncheon is $20. Our preferred method of payment is a check made payable to ANC.  The deadline for reservations is Thursday, May 9th. 

 If you cancel your luncheon reservation after noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting, you must pay the $20 luncheon fee. Have a friend bring your meal to you if you cannot attend.

For reservations or cancellations, either email [email protected] or call

A-L   Tammy Aubel         989-600-2688

M-Z  Amy Connolley       973-670-1399

GREETERS  -  Gaye Reck, BJ Schreier




President -                 Carol Wood                 [email protected]                                           

Vice President -        Amy Connolley            [email protected]

Co-Treasurers -         Kathy Davis                  [email protected]

                                      Lucy Sutter                   [email protected]