Community events

Community Service -- assisting our Aiken community in day-to-day needs.


For the month of April, we are delighted to collect monetary donations for Camp Gravatt. Please write all checks to Camp Gravatt. Let's support this camp and help provide more programs for the youth.

  • School Supplies ~ ongoing
  • Children’s Underwear ~ ongoing
    Elementary schools need children’s underwear in sizes 6, 8, and 10. Accidents can occur and when children are unable to change underwear, they are embarrassed. School nurses and children thank you.
  • Food for the Needy ~ ongoing
    The local food pantries are in desperate need of food to help families in need. Please bring non perishable food items — especially items that can be micro- waved without refrigeration. Checks are always welcome!!

Geneva Wright, Volunteer Coordinator and Outreach
Advocate and Carmen Landy, CEO of Helping Hands























Jeanne Clavel, ANC Community Service &  Judy Floyd-Director of Christ Central Ministries (Back-to-School Supply Donation)










                                                             DSS-Kayla Brown- Admin. & Elizabeth Thomas- Business Manager






Committee Chairs - Jeanne Clavel and Latina McIntyre


President - Linda Sliger

Membership Committee - Karen Carman, Shelley Spoering

Community Service - Jeanne Clavel, Latina McIntyre

Social Chair - Deborah Stroup

Sunshine - Joetta Senour