About the Aiken Newcomers Club

President's Message


President’s Message:

I am pleased to be an officer in a wonderful organization like Aiken Newcomers Club (ANC).  Our club is both a social and community active group.  Whether you are new to town or have recently changed your work status, please join us in developing a new lifestyle with new friendships, attending special interest groups, participating in social events, and taking an active role in improving our community.  During 2022-2023, ANC contributed $8,000 to educational institutions, community agencies and organizations.  Our donations helped both people and animals.  Please join us in making a good community even better while having fun with our social activities.


Carol Wood

President of Aiken Newcomers' Club


President -                 Amy Connolley                                                            

Vice President -         Open            

Co-Treasurers -        Lucy Sutter                

                                     Lee Rand